The Dark & The Light

The ladies of Belle Starr have just returned, miraculously unscathed save for one right knee, from days of wandering lost & directionless through the cosmic Mojave Desert of California. Armed with merely fiddles, a guitar, a knife, a storybook, some mixed nuts and the newfound knowledge of how to acquire water from a cactus and of twisting wires to get a sum much greater than the parts (oh and maybe a camera or 2, some friends and an ice cream truck…) they navigated the wilds of Joshua Tree. Whether fact or figment, they stood delirious in the wind on a darkening precipice to face their demons and they realized that This must be the place. They felt the ghosts of those who have come before as they sang into a desert night lit by a stunning sliver moon and a sparkling Venus & Jupiter. Blood was spilled, wires were crossed and necessities were stolen… out of necessity. The great Christopher Mills and his cohorts will tell you the rest of the story in due time. The dark & the light.

With Love, Kenny & Belle Starr

2 Responses to The Dark & The Light

  1. Sounds Fantastic! Let me know when you release your new album! I can’t wait! May all your dreams and wishes come true!
    Peace thru Music,

  2. I would have loved to have been a tumble weed, watching it all. I do love adventures! The ladies of Belle Starr are such rare treasures… it would be magic to see them work together.

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