The Burning Of Atlanta!

We’re on iTunes! 2012 is off to a great start for us Belles: Completing our first east coast tour; shooting our third music video in Joshua Tree California; and now releasing our long awaited EP on iTunes. The album’s five tracks were recorded in Toronto ON throughout 2010 and 2011. We got to work with some of Toronto’s top musicians/friends a well as Producer Extraordinaire Russell Broom from Calgary, Alberta, as well as having one track produced by the incomparable Ontario talent Mr Danny Michel.

Last June, we were Alberta-bound to camp out at John Scott’s Ranch to shoot our music video for our first single ‘Jolene’. I found out this was where ‘Legend of the Falls’ was shot years ago- which was one of my favourite movies as a teenager! I remember the poster on my bedroom door in Ottawa! What teen wasn’t in love with Brad Pitt!

For our video, we got the chance to work with the one and only Jeth Weinrich again- he’s a genius. Check out the video- we’re super proud of the film he created for us. The story is dark: Our days were filled with horse drawn hearses, jail cells, and shooting guns. Kendel steals my man; Miranda gets me to shoot Kendel; Miranda buries half-dead Kendel in a coffin- with a cat; and Miranda gets my man! Why does the brunette always get the short end of the stick?!! We had a total blast shooting all the scenes. We’re crazy about each other and the whole tongue-and-cheekiness of the story was fun to play out!

One of our managers, Jude, was along for the ride. She took epic photos of the shoot and we even ended up using some of the shots for our album artwork. Also, Brennen Demelo flew out with us- he’s responsible for the badass hair for the shoot. I think it may be time for an Herbal Essence sponsorship!

And…to top it all off … Dolly Parton herself approved the video before it was released on CMT this January. Unreal!

Signing off,
Stephanie & Belle Starr

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