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    Belle Starr CowboyI don’t mind bragging a bit – I’m a pretty decent cook – no Julia Child or anything but one of my favourite things to do is put on some good tunes, pour a lovely glass of wine and mess around in the kitchen – adding a little of this and a little of that until I’ve concocted something new (Taking my sweet time, mind you.  That is half the fun!) Most of the time, it is delicious.  Sometimes it’s inedible…and then sometimes it’s extraordinary, if i do say so myself!

    Music is a lot like this.  When the idea of Belle Starr was in embryo, I only had a vague idea of what each of us could bring to the project.  Like one of my kitchen experiments, I knew the ingredients were good and that the flavours could work but like a new recipe, I wasn’t sure of how it would all turn out.  Truthfully, that was part of the excitement.

    We have just finished our second tour and I’m still elated.  Looking over onstage each night and see two wildly talented ladies who bring all they have to every show is so inspiring, so gratifying.  In a business that very often pits women against each other as competition, or where there is often only one woman in a group, it is very exciting to be using our experience and teaming up for this common purpose.

    Last week, we even used our combined forces to wrangle our very own pet cowboy! 

    As important as being terrific musicians – these girls are also my good friends.  We don’t agree on everything but I think that makes our ultimate choices better and adds some spice.

    Touring can be great – lots of new places, new people, new experiences.  It’s also a lot of hurry up and wait, heavy on the wait.  These times that could be monotonous and tiring, through the alchemy of friendship are made fun.  On our east coast tour in the winter we used some down time to further my directorial career!

    Speaking of videos – We are proud to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of our new video, NAÏVE MELODY (by Talking Heads) on CMT’s Chevy Top 20 Countdown this Saturday.  You can read about the filming of this video in Kendel’s blog ‘The Dark and the Light’.

    We have a lot of summer festival dates coming up.  We are thrilled to take this show on the road and share it with you.  We will be bringing our new EP The Burning of Atlanta, if you want to check it out and please come and say hello.

    As for my hobby – I doubt my cookbook is coming out anytime soon (if you are in the market for one though, check out our good friend Carolyn Mark – you can order her cookbook here www.maplemusic.com/product.asp)!  It’s great…and very funny, but I have a hunch that Belle Starr could be my best recipe yet!

    double m.

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    1. Saturday? As in today? Ohhhh! I’m so excited!

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